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We are a direct action group whose fundamental objective is to work side by side with the most disadvantaged victims of social inequality. All we need is you. If you want to support us, do not hesitate to contact us and be part of our community.


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Makes a timely or periodic contribution to help the ASSOCIATION

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Volunteering you will work side by side with us in the work area of your choice and participate in our meetings.


The art of survival

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A supportive community

We are currently 8 active members. Staying together in illusion is what makes us a strong community and allows us to make a difference. Only in this way can we work directly with those affected.

Our Reason: Empathy

We are not guided by any political or religious background, but by a purely humanitarianbasis. All human beings are born equal in essence and all deserve dignity. We see it as a personal need to act directly in the face of situations of inequality that bureaucracy is incapable of resolving or resolving too slowly. We work side by side on the ground in the focus of the problem.

Integrate rather than marginalize

It is not an abstract concept, but directaction. In cases of urgency we collect the help from the donor’s hands and take it directly to those who need it, without intermediaries. We believe in empathy,not charity. Our partners strive to build a close and trusting relationship with those affected.


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